Copyright Arlene Stigum. All rights reserved.

72” by 72”, oil on wood.  Signed A. Stigum.

"Creation"©  by Arlene Stigum, Spiritual Writer, Visionary Art 

​​Arlene StigumSpiritual Writer, Visionary Art

Art comes from Prayer, Responses to Prayer share Truth,  which allows for Discernment and this process is the vehicle for Love which allows us to feel Joy. 

Creation begins with a pair, a coupling of opposites.

They can be of any name and here they are called female and male.  We are reading left to right.  The fruit and arrow.  The piercing to create a divide, a third party, a new form.  True creation is from the light source and not physical.  Yet here we understand the physical and use it to portray the surviving energy.  The produced pods await their separation, as creation requires a move.  The stained glass centers of the light trees are reminders that creation is not accepted until it is given definition.  The bark provides the definition.  The body can limit what we see, so the bark peels back.

Unused physics surrounds us.  Earth remains a primitive culture, using fossil fuels and building societies on discoveries, without searching for a higher road to explain and better utilize those discoveries.

Science, the purveyor of definitions discards all that can not be reproduced in a physical lab.  Has it not occurred to any one the energy of people in the room, or the thoughts and fingers that touched all that was present?  Will is delegated to the back seat driver and given no more attention.  What patience this earth.

You use electricity and magnets yet no person knows why it works.  Yet electricity and magnets are the foundation of computers.  Societies of people are willing to use what they do not know as long as it has a physical result.  Something tangible to say “see”!

It is a primitive culture that uses knives and drugs to cure the body.  It is a primitive culture that uses formed metal as transportation.  It is formed and primitive culture that digs into the earth for advancement.  Intrusions breed upon themselves and create greater intrusions.  Is this any more advanced then using leaches?

Do not bother to promote higher notions if tunneling the foothold is thought profitable.  What is there to profit when the produced result causes greater ills than what was originally needed to cure?  This planet is passive to the torture it receives.  And the people that trend and further that torture are only tenants.

“The meek” thought to inherit the earth is the earth, not a class, race, or any man made definition of greater or lesser.  The angel guides when asked and does not take over.  The gift is yours.  The time is yours.  And creation is your option.  Choose wisely as Julian time, as a definition, has a life span.  So choose your definitions and creations with care and accountability.

You may be back.

72” by 72”, oil on wood. 

Signed A. Stigum.