Art comes from Prayer, Responses to Prayer share Truth,  which allows for Discernment and this process is the vehicle for Love which allows us to feel Joy. 


Copyright Arlene Stigum. All rights reserved.

​​Arlene StigumSpiritual Writer, Visionary Art


Using prayer as my vehicle for inquiry, words and imagery comet me. 

The images arrive in full color, complete with texture, even a place for the signature.  When complete, I ask in prayer for the title and words.  They flow and I write until done.  First draft is final form because God’s purity is supreme over mortal interpretation.

Although I lived a powerfully spiritual life from as early as I can remember, there was no particular religion, until 2005.  I always knew that God lived.  I knew many things of His kingdom.  I was and am His vehicle. 

From the secular part of this world, I have an undergraduate in Finance and a Masters in Computer Information Systems and was never a woo-woo type.  These visions for painting began later in life and involuntarily.   Images started appearing on people’s faces and had a  predictive quality about them.  I know this because I noted them and found that what I saw related to what happened in the future.  

These stationary images grew to moving pictures and without my agreement or inquiry.   I was walking along the sidewalk when a semi-transparent screen unscrolling between me and the surroundings, of form enough to hold the moving picture yet transparent enough so that I could safely see my path. 

Sharing the images with my husband in 1993, he suggested that I paint them.  Having no art training, I trusted and followed the “yes/no” pulses I received when holding paint, brushes and canvas.  This is how I selected my tools and later how I knew how to mix the paint and where to place it on the canvas.  Through my faith and obedience to the Holy Spirit who through this power, I received each of the images which now number well over 100.  This body of work bears testimony that God lives.  

Pure vision requires pure love.  Visionary art will prompt pondering, meditation and help the viewer and reader to see and discern truth.  Truth will become a long-time familiar friend, as it feels a certain way that can not be manipulated.  For the viewer, this body of work provides another opportunity to connect with our Heavenly Father.